Dan Shure on Getting Starting with SEO

Dan Shure's Podcast Episode


Questions Dan Shure and I Discussed in this episode:

1. Can you give an Introduction into SEO and How it works? 2. What is the added value that clients get from using SEO strategies? 3. How do you get motivated to convert your leads into potential clients? Have you faced any hurdles in this process? 4. What kept you in pace to run your strategies successfully for the last 7 years? 5. How did you turn the table from falling back to less than 10% leads to over 50% leads and converting them into clients? 6. When you got a New Proposal, How did you gain back the grip over New ideas that came across? 7. Have you gone through any difficulties to change your old tactics with the new ones? 8. When old strategies start to get rust, How do you make new plans shine? 9. Can you conclude your experiences?  

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