Demand Generation Strategies

You are out of business if you don't have a prospect. Businesses are always finding new ways to stand out from the competition. Startups are in no way different. Demand generation is driving awareness and interest in the company‚Äôs products/services. There are many ways to increase your visibility among your target audience. To learn 6 strategies of demand generation for startups, continue reading.  

Social Media Marketing

Stay connected. This method is the centre stage for all products in a company. You can use this channel to promote your products or service. Social media marketing is trending these days. Almost all social media platforms provide analytics which gives statistics of your contents. Also, it allows you to learn, find consumer concerns, and solve them. A constant connection helps build stronger ties with the audience. Pro Tip: Update your existing information. It will help your customers learn about the products or services.  

1. Hashtags

An easy and quick way to advertise your service, product, or your company. Use appropriate hashtags to reach new customers. Effective hashtags such that the customers can find you and your product or company in social media search. While posting about your product or service on social media. A hashtag allows you to see all other posts with the same hashtag. Using #FashionLondon, For example, you can find information about Fashion brands in London.  

2. Videos

Post product launches, how-tos, and know-the-team videos. Share these videos on the company website and on social media platforms. You can get the pulse of the customers when they like or dislike the video, share it, or comment.  


Advertise smartly. It is important to choose wisely where and how to advertise your product or service.  

1. Digital Advertising

Run the ads on social media and digital billboards. While you can post the ads in the leading social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, the best places to use digital billboards are
  • shopping malls,
  • railway stations,
  • bus stops, and
  • flyovers.
The digital billboard should be put up in a place where it is well visible to people.  

2. Paper

A traditional way of advertising. Go creative with fonts, colours, and formats to design flyers and brochures. Post the advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Niche Print advertising with publications like
  • educational publications;
  • trade magazines; and
  • community newsletters
still make a lot of sense. B2B marketers are still using them. You can also make advertisement videos. which are then used in digital advertising. Also, to advertise your product or service you can approach famous personalities. Their brand can help you to spread the word about your product or service.  

Public Relations (PR)

Collaborate with various media. Public Relations focuses on client engagement for free. The scope of PR has activities including
  • go live on the radio,
  • managing social media,
  • interaction with the press,
  • arranging media conferences, and
  • interviews with leading news channels.
These events are generally open to all. Public Relations are important to bring awareness and visibility. It builds the reputation and authority of your company.  


Send business emails about new product information, advertisements. Request business meetings with potential and current customers. You build trust, loyalty, and brand awareness. You can offer subscription or newsletters after payment of the product. Some consumers love receiving regular emails with upcoming events, promotions, and products launches. Newsletters keep consumers updated with the product information.  


Host a webinar. This event will be useful to the prospects and customers. It should give insight into how to utilise their products or services. You can strengthen relationships with the customers. Educate the prospects on your offerings. This strategy is a good way to make important announcements.  

Doppelganger Assemblage

Create a target audience pool based on their
  • demographic
  • shared interest,
  • frequent visitors, and
  • those who like the company page.
You can focus on potential customers based on this target pool.  


In the world of economics, demand is the quantity of goods consumers are willing to buy. As we move on, new avenues will pop up where people would gather around. These will always be the best place for companies to try out demand generation. The competition will always be a factor. What you do, many will copy. The only way to stay ahead is to be true to your principles. And keep finding new channels to try out demand generation.

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