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Facebook Network Marketing Prospecting

Facebook is right now at its apex of the user base. Facebook takes the biggest pie in most of the countries' social media share. Everyone's Friends and Family are on it. And starting out Facebook marketing, your close acquaintances will be your first audience. But that's not enough. How do you take your network marketing to the other people on Facebook? It's not easy and takes a lot of effort and planning. In this article, you will learn how to build an audience and connecting with people on Facebook.

5 Step Plan

  1. Figure out your Niche
  2. Search and join relevant Facebook groups or Influencer's Page
  3. Start engaging and looking for people
  4. Provide value
  5. Ask permission, share your product/service. Or ask to join your Facebook Group
  Now let's go in detail  

1. The niche

This is common for all platforms. Figuring out your niche is always the first thing you should do. If you already have a business this is easy to figure out. Your niche will be a certain group of people with common lines and interests, who will buy from you. If you are starting a Facebook page before you have a business, you need to do this. Spend time deciding who you want to work with. "Work with" means what type of customers you want to serve. Which supplier you want to strike a deal with. Even what type of product/service you want to provide. Figuring out a niche will help you by concentrating your energy for a certain set of people. You cannot impress everyone. Relevant How to Niche down for B2B? Focus 30% Budget Towards

2. Facebook Groups

You can find one for every niche and interest. Facebook has over 620 Million groups. That's a lot! You will find a group which has a group of people who will fall in your niche. Now searching for your niche might not return good results or few results. But it doesn't mean group relevant to your niche doesn't exist. You will have to try a different search query. Try a different angle which points to your industry or niche. Some times you will find pages of industry influencers. Sometimes they may not be in your exact niche, but the people in it would enjoy your content.  

3. Find people

While browsing groups keep an eye out for people who are engaging a lot, or are sharing useful content. These are the type of people who are looking for your attention. A quick message to these people will help you come to a conclusion. if this person will like what you have to offer.  

4. Message people

Before you message people, check out their other messages in the group or page. Check out their profile and see how serious they look to you. If you find them suitable to your niche, now its time to message them. How do we message them? Say hi straight up? Short Customised messages with hook and a call to action. Keep your Facebook messages simple. Like an email body. Here's a sample Facebook Message

Hey James, How are you Came across your profile on London Tech Developer's group. Thought I come here and say hi. Saw you are into the new Raspberry PI 4 hacking. I love these machines.

How long have you been working in Tech Security? Have a great day! Ali

  Let's break it down.

Hey [first name], [simple started salutation] Came across your profile on [where you saw this person's profile]. Thought I come here and say hi. Noticed you are into [something they posted about]. [Talk about something you both have common in]

[Question, as Call to Action] Have a great day! [Your First name]

5. Invite

Once they reply back have a conversation. Get to know them better and share information. This message is all about helping them. Ask their permission to send a document over which would help them. Better yet, ask them to join your Facebook group where they will find amazing content.  


Talk to People

People new to online marketing, assume you don't have to talk to people when you do online marketing. That's far from the truth. while doing online marketing, you still need to talk to people but there some advantages. For instance, you can find people from across the world. Also, you could talk to many people, all at one time.

Groups with Spam Messages

There are a lot of spam messages going on in some groups. Most people see it as a waste. But the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of genuine people in these group. They are trying to build their business, like you.  


Working on Facebook is time-consuming. But it has a lasting effect. There are many people on Facebook and many are consuming content like never before. Facebook still could be one of the best platforms to get attention for your business.

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