Hans Van Gent on Consistent Blog Post Ideas

Hans Van Gent on How To Come Up With Great Blog Post Ideas Consistently

In this episode, I sit together with Hans van Gent from Inbound Rocket (http://inboundrocket.co). Inbound Rocket is a plugin for WordPress that helps you generate more traffic and leads for your business.  

We discuss the following topics:

  1. Why is Blog important to company growth?
  2. What is Content Marketing?
  3. How does Content Marketing help in company growth?
  4. Have you faced any situation wherein you sit down and you have “NOTHING” to write and no ideas to write? What
  5. do you suggest doing in such a situation?
  6. Which tool do you suggest using BUZZSUMO or AHREFS? Which one works really works for you?
  7. How do online tools help companies to create new content?
  8. How do you face the challenge of creating new content every time when you need to update your blog?
  9. What are the key factors that a blog writer should keep in mind to attract new readers?
  10. What is a skyscraper technique? How does it work? Benefits?
  11. How do you segregate your readers and their needs?
  12. What are the necessary items required to be included in creating an attractive blog?

In the episode you will learn:

  1. What is the Importance of blog and content marketing?
  2. What online tools help in content creation?
  3. What are the Challenges faced to create new content for a blog?
  4. What is Skyscraper technique, how it works and its benefits?
  5. What are the necessary items required for creating an attractive blog?

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