Linkedin inMail, How to message Anyone on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn inMail and LinkedIn

Linkedin has over 500 Million registered users. About 260 Million of which are active monthly. That is by no means, is a small number. To give you a perspective, get this. Linkedin has more active users than the population of countries like Germany, France, Italy and Finland, put together.   LinkedIn is Huge.   The ability to send a private message to all these people is nothing less of a superpower. Linkedin is the preferred platform for professionals of all countries. That gives you the power talk to anyone, on the power, using Linkedin's InMail feature  

More leads?

Professionals use LinkedIn inMail to get in touch with prospects, leads. Some even use it to get good business opportunities. Potential clients, speaking events, guests for podcasts, and online summits. These are very few examples of using LinkedIn inMail. These communications usually happen over messages. But if you are not connected to the required person, InMail is the way to go.  

What is InMail?

On Linkedin, to get in touch with people, via messages, you first have to make sure you are in their network. In other words, to send a message to people, they must be in your connections. InMail is a paid message service, using which you can send messages to people on LinkedIn. Even if you are not connected to them. This paid service puts you in the Position of Power. It gives you the means to message the people who are in the position of making a decision! This doesn't need saying but InMail is not available for regular LinkedIn users. You need to buy one of LinkedIn's premium package. You get a few credits with every premium LinkedIn. These can spend on sending LinkedIn InMail messages. Premium users get a specific number of, InMail credit depending on what kind of plan you have. You can see the credits available, opening your Linkedin's Settings page. Navigate to Accounts > subscriptions and payments. You can buy more credits if you ever run out by sending InMails  

How to Send InMail

Start by open Linkedin, and going to the profile page of the person you want to get in touch with via InMail. In the introduction card, you will find a purple button. Click on the message button with the locked icon on the  

Ways to use LinkedIn InMail


Send them InMail, sharing details of the job position available. Also, include the reason why you think this person will be suitable for this position. Browse through their public profile, and you like their experience or a particular work is done... get in touch with them. Offer something they can’t refuse,  

Looking for job

InMails will stand out from the completion. On LinkedIn, a user with LinkedIn premium looks more serious and experienced. And it goes for all professional line of works.  


When you post a job on LinkedIn You get 5 free InMail messages! You can use these to reach like potential prospects.  


We all get 100s of messages daily in our emails, DMs and now LinkedIn InMails. Most of these are a huge chunk of Paragraphs, copied and pasted while sending to a thousand other people. And as soon as you see it, it is obvious this is a mass messaging strategy. No one likes it. Here are a few tips. 1. While sending these messages, address the user by their name. 2. Browse their news feed, to use something specific they are working in. 3. Use specific job titles. 4. Make the massage super personal. Make it obvious that this is no copy and pasting.  

Getting InMail credits

Premium LinkedIn does come with credit, but only a certain amount. Monthly you get new credit which is accumulative. But they’ll expire within 90 days. You can say this is a sort of "use it or lose situation". LinkedIn gives you 3 months to use credits. This, taken as motivation, can help some people to keep their work cycle in motion.  

Tips to get a better response

It all starts by not being spammy and trying to personalise all InMails as much. As possible.  

1. Design as a conversation starter

This is not going to be "in and out" mission. You will need to start the conversation and make the prospect comfortable. The mentality of “sealing the deal in one message” is not practical. It won’t work and, in fact, in the long run, it will have a bad effect on your outreach efforts. Send a message to get a conversation started and not to seal the deal.  

2. Mention their content

Something caught your eye about them. Talk about that. This is not y oh get personal. The more personal you see, the better it is to get a positive response  

3. Voice your words

Short, sweet... to the point. If your messages are shorter... it means they’ll have more time to respond. By keeping it a short message. Also, LinkedIn shows 3 prompt messages to help your recipient answer back. If your message is small and brief... LinkedIn will show your message, and recommenced prompts. Higher chance to reply back.  

4. Reason to reply

Always with an open-ended question. Same as in email, or cold calling. Ask them for their advice, Opinion or Referral.  


Linkedin is very powerful and can help grow your network. With Linkedin InMail, you have the option to get in touch with important people for your project. Provide value to them, and grow your business.

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