Hiring Sales Consultancy Makes Sense During Pandemic

At Intandemly we understand the discussion decision-makers have before buying a consultancy service. It all comes down to one thing. Results. Let me try to convince you to upgrade into a consultancy plan. Throughout history, when a reoccurring problem came up, a business was born. Entrepreneurs established themselves as the problem solver and enjoyed the fruit of capitalism. Every business ever, started this way. As business evolves, so does the complexity of the problem. The new problem brought an opportunity for new solutions to be tried. New solutions brought in new problems to solve. It's a never-ending story.  

The Complex Problems

We are currently at a point where we have the scientific advancement to solve problems. Even complex problems. Yet, as is nature, our tools have become complex as well. Too many tools out there are trying to do a lot of things. Using this tool is cumbersome and eerie to keep track of. For example, you'll find CRMs with sales tracking and customer satisfaction meter built-in. Persuaded with a fancy landing page, most buyers end up subscribing to multiple tools. Never using 70% of the feature offering of the tools they subscribe to.


At Intandemly, we've built the tool to take complete care of your high-value customers. We know how complex this sales pipelines can be. When we started offering consulting services, we saw a huge demand. Most businesses wanted one thing out of the sales tool. Sales. shocking! Entrepreneurs and Businesses are serious about the problems they solve. When buying a tool, they don't look at the number of features a tool offers. What they care about is the result.
  • Lead Generations Tools -> Leads
  • Marketing Tools -> Reach
  • Customer Service Tools -> Fewer angry customers
For the money and time I'll invest in this tool, will I get ROI positive?
A simple yes and no to this question will determine if they'll buy the tool. Nobody cares about vanity metrics. It's just that.  

Complexity During Pandemic

As if running a business wasn't a struggle enough, businesses now have to deal with these new issues. A life-threatening issue. Every decision now must include the new paradigm shift due to Covid-19. As unfortunate the situation is, people won't stop buying needs and utilities. Team Intandemly has been working from home to serve our clients better. We have seen both sides of the coin. Old clients delaying payment due to lack of business. And new businesses signup top-tier consultancy deals.  

Why Consultancy exists at Intandemly

Intandemly is complex software. Our developers spend a healthy enough time to make sure the user experience is top-notch. Even though we offer a suite of Most of the product users end up using one or two features we offer. This makes our in-house sales expert a little furious. When used properly our tool can give more results than what our users asked for. Our founder made sure we return our customer more value than the price we ask.  

Is Sales Consultancy for You

It depends on the service and product of a business offer. Our Sales Team is always open to getting on a quick phone call to discuss how sales consultancy can help you. To get on a free 30 minutes meeting please click on the button below.

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