Ty Magnin on Growth with Product and Virality

Ty Magnin on Experimenting Acquisition, Product, And Virality For More Growth


Questions I ask in this episode:


  1. What email strategies do you recommend?
  2. How should one go about with Content Marketing?
  3. Can you elaborate on SE0?
  4. Paid is always tricky – can you through in some light on that?
  5. How should one create the best first impression?


  1. Now let’s talk about the hardest part – that’s Activation
  2. How can you gamify User Onboarding?
  3. What are the Engagement techniques?
  4. When should you start thinking about Retention?


  1. Can you drill into Social Media strategies?
  2. How to make referral marketing work?

In this episode, you will learn:-

  1. Experimenting on Acquisition.
    1. Email strategies that are recommended for Acquisition.
    2. Going with Content Marketing.
    3. Elaboration on SEO and its strategies.
    4. Creating the best first impression.
  2. Product Experimenting.
    1. Activating a Product.
    2. Gamifing- User Onboarding.
    3. Engagement Techniques.
    4. Giving a better idea about Retention and its usage.
  3. Experimenting with the Virality.
    1. Drilling into Social Media Strategies.
    2. Making Referral Marketing Work.

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