Tyler Hakes on Crafting The Right SEO Strategy

Tyler Hakes on Crafting The Right SEO Strategy


Questions I ask in this episode:

  1. How do you think a company should structure its Content Marketing for Long term SEO Growth? (Take examples from Case study of growth from 0-100,000.)
  2. How different types of Content Work together?
  3. How content marketing and SEO varies in different industries/companies?
  4. How to align your content marketing/SEO with your real business?
  5. How to create an ROI-driven content marketing strategy?
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In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Structuring Content Marketing for SEO growth on a Long term Basis.
  2. Variation of Content Marketing And SEO with respect to different Industries and Companies.
  3. Alignment between Content Marketing and SEO with existing Businesses.
  4. Creating content marketing strategies that are driven by ROI.
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