Simplify your complicated sales
processes with Prospecter


Improve goals clarity with custom dashboards that immediately report your progress, sales performance, tracking and team execution.


Get notifications instantly when a lead opens or answers to an email, so you can follow up brilliantly.

Team goals

Deal with your team’s amount accomplishment over the long haul, track wins and view goals for explicit individuals or the whole team.


Log any lead or contact-related action like calls, gatherings, notes, and more to constantly know where correspondence stands.

Time Saver

Invest more time selling, toss away tedious manual tasks and data entry by directly importing account details.

Connect Anywhere

Quickly close deals on the go using a smartphone, your sales team can connect to leads and maximize sales opportunities.

Improve Sales
with 3x business growth

Account Management

Get further bits of knowledge into the accounts that you deal with Prospecter CRM’s accurate analytics. With a large number of logical parts, you can rapidly evaluate your needs and complete errands for significant clients sooner rather than later.

Deal Management

Our deal management algorithm gives you everything you need to manage quick deals across the sales pipeline. Focus around the right deals that have higher possibilities of closure. Get accurate data about your deals, any time, anyplace.

Pipeline Management

Prospecter’s sales pipeline management makes it simple to coordinate, track and win more deals more than ever. Fragment and channel every one of your data to target and connect with the right deals. Automatically track messages, calls, messages, and meetings as they occur. Dispense with occupied work via automating your sales cycle and playbook. Stop losing deals by recognizing and tending to the sales challenges. Empower secure coordinated effort and gap responsibilities regarding your group.

Meeting Scheduling

Enjoy scheduling your meetings with Prospecter. Add your accessible days and time into the meeting scheduler and let it work for you. Email your calendar’s link and details to your prospects. Allow your prospects to pick a slot and book the meeting. Easy Right?

Calculate Commission

Prospecter empowers you to follow the sales commissions procured by your sales group. Sales managers will profit from taking on Prospecter CRM’s new Commission Tracking feature and track the whole sales pipeline that your sales reps produces and the commissions that they acquire.

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